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6 Ways to Turn Your Home into a Spa-Like Oasis

During this time of uncertainty and stress, maintaining your health and wellbeing should be at the top of your to-do list. Taking a few moments each day to relax, rebalance, and recharge will work wonders on both the mind and body. With years’ worth of studies and techniques to perfect the ultimate relaxation experience, spa professionals are here to guide you into transforming your home into a sweet oasis.   

Getting Started

To begin your oasis transformation, you will need to pick the perfect room in your home, one you can escape to, relax, and recharge in. Once you have chosen a space, clear out all unnecessary items or furniture, leaving you with a blank canvas to create your desired atmosphere. The rest is up to you! I recommend picking furniture and decorations that meet your expectations of ultimate relaxation. The best advice I can give you? Try to avoid clutter by sticking to a minimalistic decor! 

Tips for Creating Your Own Relaxation Space

Close your eyes and let your mind travel to the most relaxing space you can imagine. To help you best envision the type of room setting that is perfect for you, picture the space in detail, and begin pinpointing elements that would awaken each of your five senses. As human beings, our senses help us to understand, recognize, and respond to the areas around us, so including aspects that personally relate to you will help the space and your wellness prosper and grow.

When I picture my perfect at-home oasis, I try to focus on these 5 things: 

  1. Touch: Cozy & Comfortable Materials
  2. Sight: Smart Lighting 
  3. Scent: Soothing aromas 
  4. Sound: Relaxing Music & Sounds 
  5. Taste: Water & Tea 

Cozy and Comfortable Materials

Who doesn’t love soft and comfortable things? Incorporating luxurious materials like soft blankets, pillows, and textures around the room help spaces feel warm and cozy. 

Smart Lighting

Although we aren’t always wholly aware, our bodies and minds are continually reacting to the environment in which we live –– especially when it comes to lighting. There are many different wavelengths of light, and they all interact with our brains differently. For instance, blue-enriched light is bright and can promote productivity and alertness, whereas warmer lighting encourages rest and relaxation, helping us to sleep better. The goal is to achieve a balance between the two! Still not convinced? NASA uses circadian lighting (lighting that works with our body’s natural circadian rhythm) at their space stations to help astronauts maintain a sense of normalcy and enhance wellbeing while in space! When picking your room, try to pick one with windows to allow natural light in and consider blackout shades so you can easily transition at night!

Relaxing Aromas

Scents interact with the brain on a very intimate level. You might have noticed at some point that a distinct memory that popped into your brain after smelling a particular scent. This is because scents are directly linked to the seat of emotions in your brain. With this in mind, try to incorporate candles or essential oils in your space that bring you joy. Not sure where to begin? Citrus and floral scents like lavender are always a good start. 

Relaxing Music & Sounds 

Playing soft music while doing yoga, meditating, or just taking a moment of wellness for yourself is always a great idea. YouTube has hours upon hours of nature’s music readily available for you. I personally like the sound of the ocean and waves crashing onto the beach, so I have posted a link below to a great 10-hour beach sound video you can check out! Another favorite among many is flute music, which is very calming and effectively quiets the mind. I posted the link for this option for you also. Enjoy!   

Waves Crashing:  

Flute Music:  

Water & Tea

Of course, we wouldn’t leave taste out of our perfect oasis equation! Staying hydrated is essential to wellness. To enhance your beverage, try adding lemon to your water for an extra hit of vitamin C or keep antioxidant-rich tea on hand! For that extra reminder to hydrate, keep a water dispenser and an electric tea kettle in your room!

Finishing Touches

Now that you have incorporated the foundational essentials into your dream oasis, you are ready to add some finishing touches. Consider adding extra items that will help you to set your intention for the room. Maybe you’re looking to create a dream yoga retreat or spa/massage refuge, or perhaps it’s your creative space where you can create art –– whatever it might be, only add things that will help create that intentional space.  

I hope that all of the tips and suggestions above are helpful to you in creating your dream oasis and enhancing your wellness lifestyle! Remember that all of our sanctuaries do not look the same, use your creative liberty to really become the visionary of your room and all that it entails. We would love to see what your room becomes, please feel free to send us your photos of your new retreat!


Be well, 


Lauren Roark, Licensed Cosmetologist, Training & Education


As a licensed Cosmetologist for seven years, Lauren has studied both the art and business sides of the beauty industry. She has worked for both corporate salons and independently in a privately owned facility. Her passion has always been educating and growing, not only herself but, others as well, on all things beauty and wellness industry related. Two years ago she began working for Universal Companies, which allowed Lauren to expand her career path into a position to help Spa Professionals, and their clients, succeed in all health, wellness, and beauty aspects through detailed training and education.

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