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Part 3: 5 Self Care Gifts in 5 Minutes

Oct 28, 2020

Part 3:
5 Self-Care Gift Ideas in 5 Minutes

This weekly series features 5 self care gifts for everyone on your gift list!

5 Gift ideas in 5 Minutes

We're so excited to introduce you to our 3rd batch of self-care gifts this week! Our focus is body care products and we hope you find them helpful and inspiring! Don't forget to watch the first two for more ideas!

#1) Yoga Balm

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A staple for massage therapists, Yoga Balm is formulated to soothe sore, tired muscles while invigorating the mind and body.

Yakima peppermint warms the skin and St. John’s Wort helps to reduce pain. This is the perfect gift for yogis, runners, desk workers, and really anyone who could use a little tension relief.

#2) Absolute Aromas Relax Body Oil

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This carefully crafted blend is the perfect gift for helping your loved ones remember to wind down.

With calming essential oils like lavender and vetiver and nourishing carrier oils like evening primrose and almond oil, they are sure to love this luxurious dry body oil.

#3) Cannafloria Be Calm Hemp Sugar Scrub

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This nourishing scrub is formulated with pure essential oils and infused with hemp seed oil THT™ (Thera-Hemp Terpenes) found in hemp cannabis.

Great for just about anyone, this scrub helps to relieve dry, flaky skin that is often a concern during the colder months.

#4) Cannafloria Be Calm Hemp Bath Milk

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This bath milk makes for a perfect pairing gift with Cannafloria's Hemp Sugar Scrub (see #3.) Cannafloria's Hemp Bath Milk contains decadent hemp seed oil, rich in omega fatty acids and vitamins A & E.

Offering unparalleled creamy hydration, this comforting bath will leave skin vibrant and delightfully refreshed. Your friends will love this thoughtful gift, we promise.

#5) Kneipp Foot Repair Butter

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There is nothing quite like a good foot massage! Pamper your loved ones with this rich, luxurious foot repair butter.

Formulated with the help of podiatrists, this butter is great for athletes or anyone who is on their feet a lot. Plus, it's made with all natural ingredients!

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