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Turn Your Home into a Healthy, Serene Haven

Everyone deserves a little break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What better place to relax and recharge than in the comfort of your own home? Imagine walking through your front door and experiencing the same relaxing feeling you'd get at a spa. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Below are a few simple tips to help you turn your home into a serene and healthy haven.

Leverage Feel-Good Smells

Every time I walk into my childhood home, a distinct smell immediately triggers nostalgic feelings of happiness and safety. This is because our sense of smell is intimately associated with the parts of our brain associated with emotions and memory, aka the limbic system. Try using subtle scents in your home that will gently remind you of a time when you felt most happy or at peace.

Maintain Outer Order for Inner Calm

Getting rid of superfluous clutter in your home is extremely therapeutic. One study showed that homeowners who perceived their home as messy and clutterer had increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol when compared to others who perceived their home as clean and “restorative”. Physical clutter in the home is often a manifestation of a cluttered mind so do yourself a favor and finally get rid of those clothes that have been sitting in your closet for two years!

Practice the One-Minute Rule

A lot can be done in one minute. Say goodbye to that stack of paperwork and those un-rinsed dishes! Maybe even pick up the dog toys or start to organize a junk drawer. Accomplishing even the smallest tasks throughout the day can bring about feelings of happiness and achievement. Set a timer and abide by this one-minute rule: anything that takes less than one minute to do should be done immediately.

Opt for Warmer Lighting 

Being aware of how lighting affects your body's circadian rhythm (aka internal clock) can do wonders for your health. Studies suggest that exposing yourself to natural light in the morning and evening increases melatonin production, improves your mood, and gives you a better night's sleep. If you're having a relaxing day at home, try using softer lighting less than 60W or just open the shades and let the sunshine through.

Cultivate a Spa-Worthy Pantry

Food always seems healthier at the spa. To emulate their healthy cuisine, try keeping a pitcher of cucumber-mint water or a fresh salad mix in the fridge at all times. Maintain a steady supply of whole foods like fruits and vegetables, nuts, and your choice of protein. Your brain and your body will thank you!

These are some of our favorite feel-good smells to turn your home into a restorative haven. You deserve it!

The BEing WELL Team

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